Moving to the country

I bought a house! In Taylor!

For the last year or so, my boyfriend JD and his best friend Ian have been chasing their brewery dream. We’ve toured through small Texas towns, attended events galore, and spent every weekend for 6 months or so brewing beer. I’ve learned quite a bit in the process, which might be a topic for another day, but we decided to plant our brewery roots in Taylor, a ~14,000 person town about 40 minutes northeast of our house in east Austin, with a nice historic district downtown surrounded by cotton fields. We have a lot to learn about Taylor, but so far, the people have been welcoming and warm and we’re excited to get to know the town.

In late August, my parents and I went to look at a huge, historic home that was on the market. It had lots of potential but was going to be overwhelming and expensive to fix, so my dad asked the realtor who had come to meet us, Christina, if she would show us another home he saw pop up on Zillow that morning. We walked through, opened cabinets, turned on faucets, and my parents (who had paid off their mortgage a week earlier) and I decided maybe I should put in an offer. Long story short, 21 days later (and after giving JD a chance to look at it..) I got the keys!

Today is day 1 of homeownership. Here are some intro pictures..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We me the first inhabitant, a gecko, and found a …not sure what it’s called.. arm for a gas stove, which we took as a good omen. In July, I bought JD the floor model Coleman two burner stove for his birthday and it turned out to be missing the arm. We returned it and got one with all of the pieces, but thanks, house.

So I invite you to follow along as we paint and landscape and live in this house. This won’t be updated daily, but hopefully once a week or so. Here we go!


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