After 45 minutes comparing paint chips this morning (turns out there are many more than 50 shades of gray) because the Emily Henderson recommended French Gray I was going to go with is no longer in the Behr color line.. I left Home Depot with one can of guaranteed-one-coat Magnet and two cans of cannot-guarantee-it-but-we-think-it’ll-cover-it Seagull Gray. And three rollers, two brushes, two parents, one boyfriend, two pit bulls and six hours later, we have a newly-painted dining and living room!

The old colors weren’t offensive, but the living room needed a new coat of paint, and after working at Old San Francisco Steak House for a summer (although it was a lot of fun being a swing girl.. there are photos hidden on Facebook somewhere), I’ve had my fill of bordello-red walls. If you click on any of the pictures below, it’ll take you into a slide show.

It feels wonderful to have it painted and done. We still need to do the trim, and I want to paint the hallway and the back bedroom we’re using as the master. JD has declared he doesn’t care what color I choose, so I think the plan is a very light aqua without being too Tiffany’s.

Now it’s time to buy curtains. There are so many windows. I believe I counted 16.

Other highlights from today: Erin, our friend who lives down the street, came to visit and check out the house. The previous homeowner’s dad came by to get a clipping of the rose bush. He was very nice. JD patched the cracked walls like a pro, Maj (mom) cut in all around the windows and Faj (dad) helped trim in the ceilings. Good day all around.


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