Painted bedrooms

We made some progress this weekend! Some of the curtains I ordered came in. It’s hard to take a picture (in every room) because of the backlighting with all of the windows, but you get the idea.

living room curtains

bedroom paint chips

Saturday I painted the room we’re thinking of using as the master since it’s in the back of the house. It started as a butterscotch shade of tan and ended as very light aqua. It’s hard to tell what any of these rooms will feel like with furniture and art in them, but feels better in any case. I learned that painting alone is not the most fun way to spend your morning.

painting masterpainted master

Today JD and I painted the middle room that we’re thinking of using as a guest room/office + beer stuff storage room. Originally I wanted to paint it ‘ballerina pink’ but ended up with a medium gray. It looks blue/purple in these photos, and sort of in person, too.

painted guest room2painted guest room

New plates from Anthropologie sale section in the little china cabinet. I imagine this spot will change a lot before it’s done, but fun to see something in it for now.

china cabinet

Too tired and sore to say much else. It’s been a long, productive weekend. We were glad to watch Homeland and The Affair tonight which began their new seasons. Time for bed (with the windows open!).


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