window washers

So yesterday my parents and I (after watching the Longhorns beat OU!) headed to Taylor. The plan was to wash and paint the baseboards, so we got started a little slowly, eventually figured out magic erasers are the way to go, and then spent several hours magic erasing the house.

grams pots    new pots

We unwrapped the pots and pans my grandparents in NH, Gram and Spanky, sent. They’re great! The last time I had a house with my own things in it was in 2007, and then we packed it all up when I moved to Taiwan and then just never unpacked it. So somewhere in a box in the back of a shed at the cabin in Kingsland, there are some pots and pans, but these new ones are much better I’m sure than whatever I had as a 22 year old in my first apartment. Eventually all of those boxes will need to be unearthed. Pro tip: Do not label the outside of your moving boxes solely with numbers.

Other highlights..

There is now a bed (that came from the lake) with a new, $28 duvet from West Elm. It needs a few more pillows.

first bed

My mom gave JD a table. It’s acrylic and metal so it can go outside when we have company:

jds table

There are new dish towels ($7 for 4 at West Elm on sale) and a rug from Target:

kitchen w pots rug and towels

We took a break for snacks and Gatorade outside on the deck and noticed the windows were pretty filthy, but the screens were screwed on to the windows. Faj unscrewed the screens over the kitchen windows, and VOILA! It’s like night and day. It’s hard to get a picture of how clean they are, but it’s a miracle.

faj windows mom meg windows      cleaning windows

Maj scraped some of the old, flaking paint off a piece of wood in the kitchen..


I discovered that it’s easier than you think to unknowingly Superglue your ring to your finger. ..Luckily it unstuck with a few minutes soapy water.

super glueAnd that’s where we ended the weekend. Now I’m dropping off JD at ACL and we’ll see how I choose to spend the second half of Sunday. But we made some good progress yesterday.

at night


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