Even more windows, and a ceramic cat

I realize that clean windows may not seem like the most exciting thing, but really it’s been the change that’s had the most bang for the buck in the whole house (other than painting over the red walls in the dining room).

We’ve (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘my dad’) also gotten it down to a science.
Step 1: Scrub entire window with soapy water + Dawn and a heavy brush
Step 2: Spread soap on window
Step 3: Scrape window with new razor blade to remove paint overspray, dirt, and old paint around the edges (Pro tip: Do not try to move a ladder until you’ve checked that there is no razor blade on top of it. I nearly impaled the top of my skull, but the handle hit me instead of the sharp end. Yikes.)
Step 4: Wash with Windex
Step 5: Scrub screens with a brush, hose off, and let dry
Step 6: Reattach screen, marvel at a job well done, try to photograph progress

clean windows 1  clean windows 4

It really makes me want to leave the screens off for the winter. What do you think?
It should be noted that my dad washed these 5 windows all by himself on Tuesday. Thanks Fajjy.

clean windows 2

On Sunday I moved some things from my apartment (it’s a long and complicated story, but a lot of my things are at a townhouse in south Austin where I haven’t lived for over a year) to the house.
Items of note: velcro rollers (they seemed like a good idea at the time?), lots of hangers, all of the bathroom things you never use like leave in conditioner, special wavy hair spray, etc.. and most importantly: the lucky cat.   packed car

You can barely see him, but I lugged him on a 23-hour excursion from Taiwan to Austin in 2009 as my carry-on. Not advisable: they have the same ones at the Asian market off of Braker.

But lucky cats are very important in Taiwan (although they’re apparently Japanese. Taiwan was under Japanese rule for quite a while, resulting in Tonkatsu-aplenty) and thus I needed one, and he had to come to Austin.

lucky cat
(On my 23rd birthday, in Taiwan.. which is a much longer story.)

And I forgot I own (or my parents loaned/gave? me) a few things like these red runners, a green dresser and a whole bunch of IKEA tumblers I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Now to decide where to put these rugs..

red rug 1 red rug2


4 thoughts on “Even more windows, and a ceramic cat

  1. Check with your real estate agent about whether the previous owner participated in a rebate program that paid for solar screens. If so there may be some requirement to keep them up. Otherwise winter sunlight would just keep the house warmer. Ask your Dad if the screens have any thermal properties, but I doubt it. Those windows dooooo look great!!


    1. Nope they’re oooold screens. We’ve been thinking about that solar film or replacing the windows. Now that they’re so clean though you can see all of the waves in the old glass. Makes me want to keep them


  2. The solar film will show every wave and will make the house cooler in the summer and a little darker on cloudy days. It made a big difference in our house. Solar screens make it harder to see out. Now you make me want to wash the windows in the house!


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