Brew party

First party at the house! We had a backyard brew party with some friends to celebrate the first brew at the Taylor house. Ian and his kids, our friend Krissy, Erin (who lives down the street), Miguel (who gave us two housewarming paintings!), Jillian, Stella, Andy, Mitch and Sarah and their kids, Brian and Josh came. We grilled sausages and veggies, drank a little beer and had a lot of fun.
brew party

Smokey supervised the process. first taylor brew

It was a little tricky figuring out how to get the hot liquor tank (hot water that goes into the grains slowly) high enough so the gravity would work. Two ladders and some planks of wood later, it was up and running.

lift2   lifting

We’re about to watch Homeland so I’m not going explain the whole brewing process now, but probably at a later date. Below is sparging — you add hot water to the grains.

gravity   sparge

Meanwhile.. the kids had a wonderful time chasing each other around the empty living room. For as loud as it was inside, it was remarkably quiet on the opposite side of the window.

kids running kids running2 kids running3

Two house pictures. One of the inaugural pumpkin bread (turns out the oven works!), and one of some glass flowers I found in a drawer in the kitchen in a $2 vase from one of the antique shops on Main Street.

pumpkin bread   glass flowers

And then this one from Saturday when my friend Mary came over to help finish papering the shelves in the kitchen, and we packed up some of the last Kickstarter items to be shipped out.

kickstarter packing

Fun weekend!


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