How did it get to be November already! I’ve been busy moving and traveling. Let’s look at some pictures.

First, I’ve been told that there aren’t enough brewery mentions in the ol’ Taylor Tales, so here’s one of the more recent photos of the brewery progress. That wooden wall is going to be the bar. It’s since gained a top. You’re looking at it from the back. The brewing equipment is going to be to your left in that alcove. The main entrance is straight ahead. All of the walls to your right are floor to ceiling windows. It’s very exciting.


Here’s JD with the smaller brewing equipment that our Kickstarter bought. It’ll serve the brewery before/while we scale up, and be able to produce smaller specialty batches. We still have a few more steps before it’s operational. Because it’s electric, it needs a special control panel. And the building is still somewhat under construction, so we want to stay out of their way.


The house is also coming right along. My friend Patrick (hiding in the picture, below) from Sydney was in town for the last couple of weeks selling his house where I used to live. I had been storing a lot of my things there, but we moved all of them to Taylor last week. Now we have a couch! And another bed, a dresser, a chaise, a little table, my dirt collection, and all of Patrick’s cookbooks (he’s a big Jamie Oliver fan, apparently).  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gram and Spanky sent me a few fun things. The bathroom is now seasonally appropriate — at least for Halloween and Christmas.

Last but not least, last week JD and I spent a harrowing hour at Costco where we found these outdoor lights. We only went for them and my favorite chai tea mix, and of course we left with 20 other things we “needed.” Anyway, we’re pretty in love with the lights in the back yard. It’s almost like night and day. Starting to feel much more like home!

outdoor lights

And then just for fun, here’s a picture of some the fam this weekend in NY in between my cousin Kelly’s wedding and reception.

kelly wedding


5 thoughts on “November!

  1. Please identify all the fam — Liz Klein, Martha Donnelly, Julia Mannix, Emma Donnelly, Megan Klein, Pam Mannix, ?, ?, Kris Haskell, Bill Klein, Cindy Haskell.


  2. I love your blog posts! Will have to actually, really, truly, in real life make a trip to the Austin area to see it once you guys are done!


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