Somewhere to rest your head

This weekend we managed to put away a lot of random stuff at the house, buy an AMAZING painting, and brew and bottle beer!

We moved a desk and filing cabinet from the Austin house into the guest room. And we have a fancy new dish drying rack for post-pizza-plates. There are beds in both bedrooms now, still waiting to be slept in. I decided to switch the darker duvet to the lighter room since it was all feeling a little dreary in there. It’s also a little bit more pit bull proof as far as muddy paws go.

desk dish rack guest room master

Beer-wise, we brewed a blonde (or rather JD brewed while Miguel, one of our artist friends in Taylor, and I, ran errands — buying a mouse-proof grain container, mason jars, and ice). Miguel and I bottled the beer we brewed a couple weeks ago while JD cleaned up. It was a long day but a very productive one.

miguel capsmilling octopus

And JD bought a painting 4×4 of an octopus from Miguel that we’ve been coveting for weeks. Now we’re trying to decide where she wants to live. I vote Taylor, JD votes Austin. We’ll see! I think it looks pretty amazing in the dining room.


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