no more leaves

I am having such a hard time with WordPress! It won’t let you order the pictures unless you add them one by one. So here are pictures from the week, in totally random order.. It also won’t let me put words between the photos today, so you may have to scroll around.

Today JD and I got on a little cleaning binge and he cleaned out the shed (mouse poop, old paint, and Christmas decorations, oh my) while I cleaned out the gutters and raked the leaves — 12 lawn and leaf bags worth. We are very proud of ourselves. JD also cleaned the house the other day when he was in Taylor all day while I stayed in Austin. He’s a better cleaner than me, truth be told (but don’t tell him I told you that).

At the brewery, we partnered with the conservation and heritage society and Project Loop to co-host two fundraisers this week. It was my first time serving beer from behind our actual bar, and it was a whole lot of fun. We’ve been out there doing small events for a long time (over a year) getting to know the community, but this week was the first time I chatted with a few people in depth who I’ve seen around but not really gotten to know.

It’s beginning to feel much more like home around here!

project loop
Project Loop fundraiser (photo credit Amy Everhart)
project loop2
Also Project Loop, also by Amy
conservation and heritage society
Conservation and Heritage Society fundraiser, photo by Brent Humphries
back raked
no more leaves in the side yard
back yard post raking
not as many leaves in the back yard
the bar in december
boys and barrels
two of our favorite assistant brewmasters
lawn and leaf
12 lawn and leaf bags full of leaves (and the front yard, newly mowed)

leaf bags

the bar progress, from the outside looking in
the roses are blooming!
tabc certification
making sure we know all of the rules of the beer-serving-road

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