I guess if the universe has that law about how washing your car makes it rain, I shouldn’t be so surprised that raking your leaves makes ALL of the last remaining leaves drop off your trees. Saturday it kind of sprinkled all day, but apparently last night we got some torrential rain, and it knocked all of the leaves off the pecan trees in the back yard.


What a mess! At least this can’t happen again after this round of raking and bagging since there are no actual leaves left on the trees. I left them for now and faj (my dad) said he would bring the big leaf blower over after it dries out and blow them all into a corner so it’s easier to rake.

so many leaves

Aside from that, it was a very mellow weekend. JD bought another painting from our friend Miguel last week. We’ve moved her around the house a few times. JD wants to put all of the paintings in the dining room, but I think the living room needs a little love.

My parents gifted us two end tables for Christmas that I failed to get a picture of. An oak-ish stained square wooden one and smaller round one. I’ve been OK with the big furniture, but I don’t know how to decorate with all of the smaller things you need. I thought it would be fun to collect things over time, and it sort of has been, but it isn’t as fun realizing how much every tiny thing costs. new painting

Tonight we went to a potluck at our neighbor’s house down the street who we’ve been wanting to visit for a long long time and haven’t had a chance to yet. Their house was beautiful. We walked over with scalloped potatoes and beer because they’re only 7 or 8 houses down the street.

Before we drove back to Austin, we checked out the newly stained floors in the brewery. Pretty, huh? One step closer!stained floors

One more week of work and then we’re headed to Albuquerque for Christmas, with a brief stopover at Ojo Caliente, and then San Diego for New Year’s. It’s going to be wonderful.


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