So I’m sitting here, scrolling through the blogs I read nightly (Oh Joy!, Cup of Jo, Smitten Kitchen are favorites [and updated]), sighing about how so many of them haven’t written lately, and meanwhile, I haven’t said anything here in weeks! I think of this as just Taylor and brewery, but we’ll take a little detour to recap vacation.. much of which turned out to be brewery-related.

It will come as little surprise to you that one of JD and my favorite pastimes is trying new beer. I’ve gotten so snooty about it that I, as a general rule, no longer re-order beer I’ve had before because I’d rather try something new. My friends from high school still can’t come to grips with the fact that my tastes may have changed over the years. But here’s some proof!

That, my friends, is 100+ kinds of beer over 5 days. We weren’t counting in New Mexico (which was 40+), and we had 101 in San Diego from Monday to Friday.

I cried tears of joy at one point when we were on a brewery tour at Ballast Point — which just sold its beer division for ONE BILLION DOLLARS (they retained their liquor and restaurant ownership). A super personable staffer took us on a private tour and everyone in the back of the brewery everyone was smiling and high fiving and having fun while they worked. It was very heartening. They just got new fermenters that are FIFTEEN THOUSAND BARRELS — and they have eight of them. Ours will be 15 or 30. It was amazing, inspiring, and just fun.

Other than beer, we played on the beach, went to the Wild Animal Park, toured my childhood neighborhood in San Diego and drove by the hospital I was born at in La Jolla. And in the week before that, in New Mexico, we played in the snow, spent a day and a half relaxing at a hot spring and ate our weight in green and red chile with JD’s mom, dad and sister.

It was a perfect vacation, and now we’re well rested and ready for the year ahead!

Bonus photos that weren’t on Facebook..


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