Fresh squeezed

Well it’s been a banner week for us. We spent the night 5 of the 7 nights here and I commuted in to work every day except the 8am meeting.

Saturday we brewed a batch of smoky pale ale in the morning. Miguel and I went to the Tractor Supply to fill up the gas tanks instead of HEB which saved us about $16 on two tanks. Wish we had known we could do that about four months ago, oops. As long as the tank has been inspected in the last 10 years, you can refill them. There’s a whole code system to be able to tell when they were inspected, but we’ll skip that today. I always feel like I need to wear more cammo when I’m in there. Or any.

Miguel made JD a beer stein.

After that, we headed over to join Ian and his mom at the 2nd Annual Burn Unit Chili Competition. There was a competition for best bloody Mary, beans, chili and ribs. There were several teams who compete professionally with their massive smokers and grills. We ate probably 8 kinds of chili and 6 ribs. It was so delicious. JD is sad he didn’t win the gun raffle. I’m not sad at all.

The best stop of the weekend was with mom and dad to one of the antique shops. My mom wanted a quilt that she eyed the other day. It looks pretty in the pink room at the lake.mah quilt

The best find of all though was this silver-plated silverware in a pretty box. It’s a mix of two patterns, Jasmine and Silver Rose (had to look at all 23 pages of Oneida’s website to determine that) from 1939 and 1940. I ordered 3 more forks from a man’s Etsy shop, and now we’re good to go! I’m psyched because I was planning to go to IKEA to buy this set that’s even more expensive and had even fewer pieces. I need to get a tray to put in the drawer and then I want to turn this box into a jewelry box. I have a million costume jewelry necklaces from the great Aunts now that need to go somewhere other than a Ziplock bag.


We also added to the tiny painted table collection.


Also works as a TV tray in a pinch on date night movie night. I burnt the rolls.. but we ate with real silverware instead of plastic! Victory! My parents brought us the last of the turkey and rice soup they made. They really came through this weekend.

real spoons

Other than that..

We picked up this dish towel when we were in Albuquerque at the lavender farm. Highly recommend the lotion. Ignore the mess in the kitchen.

new towel

We added a shelf I don’t think you’ve seen..

living room

There are new (old) tins in the cabinet and plastic wine glasses Aunt Carol gave me when we were at her house for New Years. She’s going to need to remind me whose the tins were. One of the great Aunts. And the tiny bowls are from Maj. I keep changing this spot around, but I think it’s getting closer now.


This is JD’s self-proclaimed “side of the kitchen” for beer stuff. He actually cleaned it up quite a bit this weekend and it’s looking less insane. That’s batch 2-5 of beer in the bottles. We’re brewing 6 and 7 today.

brew side

This is JD’s other contribution to the kitchen this week. Boo. Faj is searching for a better bucket. Apparently they make special bottle top buckets that slide off a screw so you can empty it out. Who knew.

bottle catcher

Made orange juice this morning. A man stopped by the brewery the other day and sold JD a huge bag of fruit. I cut up some apples too and then a bird pooped on them. Rude.

And that was our weekend! The biggest Broncos fan in Texas is gearing up to watch the game later today. JD’s dad and our roommate, Joe, came out, too. We might make some wings. I’m sitting in the back yard writing this in a sunny spot, chatting with Miguel and Joe. Good weekend, good week!


2 thoughts on “Fresh squeezed

  1. The canister tins were mine. Your great-aunt Louise Carlton Smith (Gram’s older sister) gave them to me from the inventory upstairs at Sherman’s General Store in West Rupert, Vermont. When Mr. Sherman died, he left the store to Aunt Lou and Bub. They found all kinds of treasures in the storage rooms upstairs. The tin canister set was one of them. Aunt Lou gave Gram lots of beautiful buttons that she used to make our button Christmas trees!

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