Boxes upon boxes

Happy Valentine’s Day! I believe last time I told you about the boxes of my stuff from 2008 that hasn’t seen daylight in 8 years. Well late last week, Faj and Jeff took all of it from the lake to Taylor, and I spent the morning of Valentine’s Day unpacking it.

I found.. a heart shaped rug from IKEA. The shoe clips weren’t in the boxes, but I did recently find one of them in a coat pocket after not having seen it for a year.

I opened the first two boxes on Saturday night, and of course what popped out first but a spider about the size of a quarter. Instead of squishing him immediately, I continued unpacking, assuming I’d see him again. But of course not. We never saw him again, although he’s been constantly on my mind.

If you ever think of numbering a bunch of boxes and keeping a key of what’s inside on a separate sheet of paper, don’t do it. Lesson learned.

I used to be quite the glassware and dish hoarder. There were trays, plates I painted with friends, tiny casserole dishes, several sets of 6 of something: water glasses covered in little glass bumps, glass votives, tiny water glasses.

Maybe my favorite thing was the Old San Francisco Steak House glass from my college swing girl days. Haven’t seen that in a while.

A few more things were added to the shelves in the kitchen: memories of a trip to London with Aunt Carol, and a tiny wooden cutout of the church where my parents were married in Lake George.

One of the funnier things I forgot about is the apron collection: 6 total; 4 full sized and 2 skirts. Some of them will have to find new homes, or else I’m going to need to start baking (at all/with friends) a lot more.


Other treasures, not pictured:
My retainer
Every letter from high school
Pictures of us as little kids
Dirt from Thailand for the dirt collection
Even more costume jewelry
Silver shoes with little stars on them from studying abroad in England
Pink crystal Cinderella shoes
Two gecko skeletons, about 20 empty gecko eggs, and the evidence of many mice

I promised Gram I’d show her the yellow dishes in the cabinet. The white ones came to JD’s, although he’s having a harder time than I expected saying goodbye to his mismatched set.


While I was unpacking, JD and Miguel brewed batch #10, a chocolate stout. I made a batch of cookies with the grain. They still aren’t turning out perfectly, so more research must be done. Overall, a very nice weekend until the tickle in my throat turned into a fever and a very sore throat. We went to Vietnamese for Valentine’s pho and I went to bed early and came home early from work today to lay low.


The rose bush continues to show off. This is one of the last blooms.


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