Mow it down

I have a confession. My house was becoming “that house.” The one in the neighborhood that’s unkempt, that you drive by every day, hoping someone will have cleaned it up. The weeds are waist high and multiplying daily. A few weeks ago, we cut the worst of it down with a weed wacker. It was pathetic.


I give you Exhibits B and C. weeds2weeds1

So this weekend, I decided: enough is enough. We may not live here 7 days a week, but my neighbors shouldn’t have to suffer because I don’t own a lawn mower. So I set off on a mission to buy my first piece of relatively expensive lawn equipment.

Usually I would just call up Faj and he would help me out. I’m sure if he was here, he would have gone with me to the store. But he’s in Japan with Maj, visiting Matt (and having a wonderful time). So I did the next best thing and called Spanky.. no less than 3 times. What brand should I buy? How much should it be? Self-propelled is worth the extra $50, right? What store is good?

I started off at True Value. Turns out they don’t sell lawn mowers in store anymore.
Wandered in to Sears and casually checked out the one mower they had on display, but no one said a word to me, so I walked out. (Don’t you hate when a man-centered store ignores you? It happens a lot in car-related businesses, too.)
Next stop: a commercial lawn equipment store. They had just sold the last self-propelled lawn mower they had. The salesman whispered a suggestion that I try Home Depot or Tractor Supply.
So Tractor Supply it was. Truthfully, I’m really growing to love that place. We get our dog food there ($7 cheaper than Austin), we’ll get boots for the brewery soon (we tried them on last week), and they have racks and racks of really amusing farm-y signs and even figurines of cows and pigs.

tractor store

Anyway at the store, I flagged down a man who was in the lawnmower section buying a rake and some other things, and asked him if self-propelled was worth it and if he knew this brand. He said his sister bought one 5 years ago and loves it. Her yard is almost big enough for a riding mower. Mine, at 40 x 100 or so, just needs a regular push mower, we agreed.

So $300-something later, I am the proud owner of a shiny new, bee-yellow Cub Cadet 21″ lawn mower that JD and I struggled to put together, and then he mercifully used to mow the front AND back yard while I attacked the largest weeds. This is reason #5906 why I love JD. He really, really wanted to go back to Austin to go to SXSW shows, but he stayed to help assemble it and mow without a single complaint. It was humid and sticky, and we were disgusting and dripping by the end of it. But I’m very grateful for his help, and he’s a lawn mowing pro. (Of course there is no ‘after’ photo, whoops. We were exhausted).

In other non-yard-related news, the tap wall is installed, and we have a new stage! The tap room is set to open in early May, if all goes according to plan. We are thrilled, nervous, excited and encouraged.

We had a lovely weekend full of crawfish, friends and good music. We stayed up late for SXSW (discovered ELEL, which I haven’t stopped listening to) and even made it to church for the first time in a long time.

Looking forward to a 3 day weekend this weekend to catch up on sleep, fix some things around the house, re-pot the lemon tree, and hopefully plant a spring garden. Maybe if I tell you I’m going to do it, it’ll actually happen.


One thought on “Mow it down

  1. Nothing like a hearty breakfast, a day of aerobic yard work, a celebratory tall one, a cool shower and a nap! My idea of a perfect Saturday!!


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