Watch my corn pop up in rows

My favorite thing about Taylor is that it is SO beautiful on the drive out, from many directions. From Austin, we drive into Manor (a very small town) and then up FM 973 (FM stands for Farm to Market, appropriately). The side closer to Austin has a few developments, but then you quickly get into farm land with one house that’s surrounded by fields, and then another house with fields, and then field and fields.

house in field(A house in the middle of the field, from the passenger seat, traveling ~70mph).

Last year, most fields were cotton. This year is corn. I think soy beans might be next? Couldn’t say I know what a soy bean plant looks like.


It’s really hard to get a good picture. Obviously it’s not ideal to take one while you’re driving, and even when you’re the passenger, the pictures out the window just don’t really turn out.

So yesterday I was coming back from somewhere and had to make a 90 degree turn from one farm road to another, and it was a perfect time to stop and take a couple of pictures. These don’t even do it a little bit of justice.

field3Here’s another attempt from another day.

On the drive over from Round Rock, there are fields with lots of multicolored cows.

Our family has had some kind of lake trailer/cabin/house on Lake LBJ for the last 10+ years, and I’ve always loved the drive out. I like that it takes an hour to get fully outside of Austin and into a more relaxed, laid back place. It’s the same getting to Taylor. It’s calming to make the drive on winding roads, surrounded by fields, with the big open sky.

Yesterday we spent the night in Taylor, and at about 9pm, JD wanted to carbonate some of the newest kegs over at the brewery. Truthfully, we like to just go there and look around.

The brew space is really coming along. It looks very shiny from the street, which is an essential brewery element, we’ve been told. Still figuring out ideal placement — right now everything is kind of pushed to the side because that brew space is still very much under construction, but it seems like final decisions are being made here shortly.

brew space

I find this sight most amazing of all: (actual beer behind the taps)

first beer on tap

We’re moving right along toward the May 7th opening party, just in time for Blackland Prairie Days.

In non-brewery-related news, I took a little trip to IKEA the other day and am now ($83 poorer, but) 1,000x times happier every time I open the cabinet because of this magical item:

It’s funny how the little things can really improve your happiness by solving everyday problems. Even though there are only two of us, we have about 16 mugs in that cabinet for whatever reason, and it was driving me crazy trying to store them all. But voila! Thank you, little shelf.

We had balls for dinner:

ball dinner

Veggie and beef. JD did not love them, sadly. Love a good freezer meal option.

Until next time!


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