We’re getting married!

I don’t even know how to begin this post. We’re engaged! We’re getting married! I’ve been pestering JD for months and months, and now it’s just completely unreal.

So I have several confessions. JD told me he had the ring a long time ago, and I knew exactly where it was. We have a box that has all of our important papers and things in it, and I knew the ring was in there. Or that’s what JD said. And yet, I never peeked..

Until! Friday I needed my social security card and passport to get a beer company credit card, so I had to open the box of important documents. When I opened the box, I immediately spotted the tiny black ring box right on top of everything else. JD was in Taylor at the brewery. I had to look! You know you would have done it!

My heart was beating a million miles a minute. It is so beautiful. It was his grandma, Nana’s. She’s from New Mexico and the ring reminds me a lot of her, of JD, and of me. It’s silver with a whole bunch of diamonds set in it. It’s pretty wide. A confident lady definitely wore this. And even though I only spent a little bit of time with Nana, it really does strongly remind me of her.

So on Friday, I decided I should bring the box of important things to Taylor since we spend more time here now. ..I may or may not have worn the ring on the drive up. I kept looking at it on my finger and thinking “if I get in a crash and they find the ring on me, at least JD will know I found it? is that good?” But, no crash. I’m not super spiritual, but I did ask Nana to please help me be able to keep wearing the ring and to give JD whatever assurances he needed that we were in the right place in our lives to make this commitment.

When I got home, I put it back in the box and headed to the brewery. When I got there, JD was glowing and happy and the bar was full of people on our very first Friday being open. We weren’t that surprised, but we were thrilled anyway. I told JD I brought the box of important documents, hoping it would click in his mind that the ring was now in Taylor.

I had brought the dogs with me, and they needed to go out, so JD suggested we go home and let them out and take a little break. I decided, I’m just going to ask him. I can’t wait any more now that I’ve seen the ring, and I’ve made up my mind.

But before I could ask him, he asked me! We were snuggling and he said something to the effect of “I want to marry you, let’s get married” (or something like that) and I said “you want to marry me?” (or something like that). So he went and got the ring, and we were kind of in shock for an hour or so, and then we started calling our parents.

Sweetest of all, JD said he just felt like Nana was telling him it was time to do it. Thanks, Nana!

That night, we went back to the brewery and told Amy and Ian first, and then Miguel (who asked why I was being weird when I tried showing him my hand). JD was beaming as he pointed me out as his fiancé for the first couple of times. It was very sweet.


And that’s how it happened! We made the announcement on Facebook on Saturday afternoon, and it was a lot of fun to watch well wishes pour in from friends from all over the place.

So it’s been 4 days. We’re slowly feeling out whether or not the plans we’ve been kind of dreaming up over the last several months will actually materialize. We’ve dreamed up a venue, a caterer, a wedding party, etc.

Meanwhile, I just keep looking at the ring. Eating dinner.. looking at a menu.. watching TV..


So it’s been fun. A little overwhelming. But we’re excited!

Other than that, there have been a few other fun things that have happened in the last few days. Friday was apparently prom night here, and we have evidently created a new Taylor photo mural spot worthy of prom photos:

prom at beer co

(They came in, took photos, and walked out, by the way. We were going to offer them some root beer, but they were on a mission).

These adorable boys took a nap at the brewery (the first of many) while it was in full swing with people talking and music playing:


I used the pull down ironing board for the first time:


And, the cutest thing you have ever seen, Gram and Spanky got their brewery shirts in the mail (Thanks Maj!).

Aren’t they cute?

And that was our weekend! Lots of adventures to come.


One thought on “We’re getting married!

  1. What a beautiful story! It made me cry. You won’t ever stop looking at the ring because it means you heart is as full as it can be. Happy you found the right one, men from New Mexico are amazing.


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