busy weekend

Totally serious when I say the thing I love the most about JD is that he keeps our schedule very busy. We’re always doing something fun. He has friends who always have spare tickets to games, and he skims the Chronicle for concerts. We try new restaurants and watch our friends’ bands play.

We’re often left exhausted from the weekend. This weekend is a good example.

Yesterday we…
Walked a 5k with coworkers, through bubbles (JD slept while I did that)

Picked up tacos
Danced and had a poem written for us at a wedding (about our favorite things)wedding poem
Took the dogs to the dog park
Did laundry
Celebrated our engagement with fancy sushi
engagmenet dinner1
Watched a movie

Today we…
Slept in (with snuggly dogs)
elephantSang hymns in each others ears at church
Bought tamales, waffles with bacon, kombucha and peaches at the farmers’ market
Washed lots of dirty items in the house: cups, clothes, countertops
Priced printers for the brewery
Found new Chuckit toys at PetSmart
Ate cupcakes at Niam’s first birthday party
Picked out thank you notes at Half Price Books
Chose 8 new fish for the fish tank
Stopped by Central Market to grab groceries
Grilled chicken, squash and corn
Folded mountains of laundry
Watched Game of Thrones

I’m ready for bed!


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