Well it’s been just over a month since we got engaged, and we’ve made some serious progress.

We have..

  • Locked a venue
  • Decided on a menu with the caterer
  • Made a guest list
  • Bought a dress! (and shoes)
  • Decided on a wedding party
  • Blocked off some hotel rooms for out of town guests
  • Decided on wedding rings

So, lots left to do, but we’re moving right along. I’m hoping to send out save the date’s this weekend, if all goes according to plan.

Wrote a letter to President Obama this evening to thank him for introducing us. JD had worked on the campaign in 2008, so when I was hired on in 2012 for the re-elect, I asked him to get a drink (did I already tell you this story?). I interned in the Office of Presidential Correspondence (the mail room) in 2009, so I know that it takes months and months before letters make it through the process with any chance of making it to the President’s desk. Even now, I think we may be after the deadline. But I want the President to know how thankful we are that he brought us together, and how proud we are of him. It’s been quite an adventure for all of us.

It’s been a strange feeling this week to plan a happy occasion in the midst of the latest mass shooting in America. I keep reflecting on those who lost their lives and who will never plan a wedding, and who are leaving this world too young. I obviously have no words of wisdom for this. We all just do the best we can and love the people around us. Proud of Senate Democrats this evening and their filibuster. We have to do something.


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