Walkin’ on sunshine

red rocks

Never go to Denver. You will never want to leave — at least if you’re from Texas and it’s the middle of the summer. We just went for 5 days to go to a 3 day String Cheese concert (item #48957 on the list of ‘things I do for love’) ..although I have to admit, I had a lot of fun. We picnic-ed, we stood in every part of the venue, which is amazing, we danced. JD is a fun magnet.

He also knows a ton of people. We ran into random people he knew from life:
a) in a Walgreens parking lot
b) in the security line at the airport
c) at the concert (ok this one isn’t so hard)

train station

He was super jazzed about the train that ran from the airport to Union Station, which is coincidentally right across the street from the brewery our roommate Joe recommended. In the first 2 hours we were there, we visited 3 breweries: Wynkoop, Jagged Mountain (which has a 17.4% imperial stout. it was so delicious), and Great Divide.

left hand

The most striking thing to me was how small these iconic breweries were. Above is Left Hand. They’re best known in Texas for the Left Hand Milk Stout. It is tasty and consistent. Their brewery is really cool, but it isn’t crazy huge. Great Divide was even smaller, and their beer is everywhere too. So it made what we’re doing feel a little more doable.

beer2     oskar blues

We explored a few towns — Ft. Collins, Longmont, Lakewood. I think Ft. Collins was my favorite. It was laid back and super beautiful. It was surrounded by cornfields and other fields just like Taylor, except 25 degrees cooler. The people were all super friendly and laid back.

baby gwen

I got to hold a baby when we visited Oskar Blues. You know how I feel about that.

So it was a fun trip. We stayed at his friends’ house right downtown in a really cool neighborhood so we could walk to eat and hang out. We didn’t make it to some gothic brewery that Jeff told us to go to. Next time.

Other than that… the brewery is coming right along. The electrical passed its inspection so now we just need all of the pieces to be able to run water and eventually beer through all of the tanks and then we’ll be good to go. Should be any day now! We had a staff appreciation party tonight so everyone could just get to know each other a little better in a fun setting. Ian and Amy’s kids whooped JD at connect four repeatedly. We borrowed a ping pong table and it was super convenient that the floor slopes down at the front because all of the balls ended up mostly in one place at the end of the night.

Wedding planning has been on hold while we’ve been on vacation, but I need to lock down the rentals (tent, tables, chairs, ..bathrooms) soon and figure out how we’re going to do the invitations. I had never even considered sending them electronically, but it was so nice to be able to see who opened the save the date and immediately get responses. So we’ll see.

Happy to be home and sleeping in my own bed.




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