All things go

Well, we’ve reached the heat of the summer in Texas and the corn is being harvested while the cotton plants are flowering. It’s interesting to make the drive from Austin to Taylor and back because so much changes from week to week. Next year I’ll try to be better about documenting the changing fields.

In the last few weeks, big trucks have come out to harvest the corn — stalks, corn cobs and all. They cut it right down to the ground and it seems to go through a big chipper and lands in the back of a dump truck. Then the soil is tilled and has big chunks of corn stalk sticking out in all directions.

The cotton fields are really pretty and lush and green right now. I pulled over last weekend to check out the flowers in greater detail. It looks like some are pink and some are white, and there are huge, walnut-sized buds waiting to bloom. Not totally sure what happens next or where the cotton ball part comes from. Last year, when I bought the house in September, the plants had all dried out and you could see the cotton balls hanging on the brown sticks that were left. Will keep you posted.

In other news, JD and Max brewed for the first time on the 3 barrel system in the tap room. It smelled delicious and was hot and humid in the back. We were grateful for that new glassed in door separating the brew space from the tap room itself.


On the wedding front, we’re trying out various borrowed veils (modeled here by one of the flower girls), and we got our first wedding gift from a friend in Austin — a print of the Taylor house. It’s so cute in the kitchen.

This weekend we celebrated JD’s 34th birthday with friends from all parts of our lives, but mostly politics. It’s been fun to have new visitors to the brewery every weekend who are just seeing it for the first time, or the first time in a long time. It helps you see everything with fresh eyes when people point out what’s changed since they’ve been there last.

JD’s mom came in for his birthday and we had fun with her. It’s been a fun last couple of weeks. Super busy. Time is flying. I can’t believe it’s August already.



Bonus story:

flesh wound

Last weekend I was washing glasses when I bumped into a table and a stack of them fell over and one cut right through my jeans to slash my thigh a little bit. JD has cuts all over his hands from various things, so it isn’t the first official brewery injury, but it’s my first time to draw blood there. Ouch! Hopefully the last time for a while.


One thought on “All things go

  1. Ouch! Hope JD kissed it and made it well!! To spare you embarrassment: cotton has bolls, hence boll weavils. Someone else has balls, but we won’t go into that on a family friendly site!


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