The house that love built

What is it about cooking meals ahead and buying appliances that makes you feel like a real adult? Today was a very domestic day. I decided I’ve had enough of hauling our laundry back and forth from Austin (for a whole year) and headed to Home Depot this morning to buy a washer and dryer set. Had a cute small town moment with Gail, the woman who helped me pick out the fridge, as we picked out a washer and dryer. We had fun catching up. Ended up with a simple GE set. ..I can’t remember if I told you we had previously bought a set from a friend of my moms, but it turns out installing a gas line is much more expensive than you would think. (If you’re in need of a gently used gas washer/dryer set, let me know)

So did that and then I’ve been cooking ever since. It’s been really extra sweet because I’m getting to use so many gifts from the bridal shower, so it’s sort of like cooking with friends.

Today I used.. Becca’s mixing bowl, Amber’s baking sheet, Mutti’s super sharp knives, Amrietha’s sugar bowl and Lisa’s cast iron skillet to make broccoli salad (with bacon added) and a frittata.


Yesterday, right before I was headed to the brewery to open up, I slipped on the back stairs and landed straight on my tailbone. I was putting a key on my key ring so my hands weren’t in a position where I could catch myself. I was screaming and JD ran out in his underwear to get me. I really thought I felt something snap, but apparently not because I can walk and sit and everything just fine. But needless to say, it’s been a long, sore two days. But! Found some tread at Home Depot and solved the problem for the future. img_6295

We were very excited this weekend for a new bar on our street, Taylor Station, to open. The family who own it were so happy yesterday and it has a really nice patio in the back which is perfect for the fall air that’s rolling in. We’re looking forward to getting to know them better.

Those are all of the updates! A little over two months until the wedding. Invitations should be going out soon. All downhill from here. Sort of.


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