Gonna make life easy for me

Well we’ve been married nearly two months now and I can’t say too much has changed, although now, at least once a day, usually when we go to bed or first wake up, we ask each other if we really got married and if JD has a wife and I have a husband. Yep!

I’ve been working my way through a million new cooking tools — from a vintage kitchen aid mixer we made challah with, to fancy baking sheets with silpat nonstick mats and everything in between. We’ve definitely been cooking more at home now.

Other than that, we’ve probably listened to the wedding soundtrack about 300 times since then. It’s all we listen to in the car, and we play it at the house quite a bit, too. It’s sweet because JD has a little story to go along with the music about what was happening while people were walking in and he was doing little finishing touches.

We headed to New Mexico just after Christmas to visit JD’s family after his dad had a little health scare. He’s fine now, but JD wanted to be there. It was fun to see them, and we ate green chile everything — stuffed sopapillas, hamburgers with green chile, huevos rancheros. So yummy. His sister Meagan also came, so fun to see her.

I need to make a photo album on Facebook with all of the photos but I’m waiting until I’ve mailed the moms and grandparents the actual photo books I made. Soon! They’re so fun to look through.


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